i just got a Marshall JCM900 which i love and a 1936 lead series cab.. which is good but can it get better???

i guess this cab comes with Celestion G12T-75 speakers, they sound great but i don`t know if it`s the speakers or the amp but at high volume levels.. over 8 they seem to break down, like go distorted sounding like there being pushed too hard, the cab is 150 watts and the head is only 50.

so would Celestion Vintage 30`s be any better?, they seem to be the best or 1 of the best speakers you can buy, going by what everyone says about them. Also i`d like more bottem end, will swapping out the speakers help this?, i listened to the sound clip on the Celestion site and the V30`s sounded amazing, so thats why i`m thinking about getting the V30`s

Also i know some people mix speakers in there cabs would it be a good idea to try to mix a V30 and a G12T-75?

i play metal, Slayer mostly..... the head is a JCM900 4500 50 watt dual reverb and the guitar is a BC Rich Warlock loaded with EMG pickups and play in Eb tuning.
swap 1 speaker for a V30. They really balance each other out, and will make a huge improvement on your sound.

Another good combo if your going for 2 new speakers is an Eminence "The Wizard" and Eminence "The Governer"

Very similar sound, but slightly less harsh on the treble than the V30s.
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cool i`ll have to look up those Eminence speakers

i may just go with 1 V30 though, because this 2 X 12 cab is only till i can get a 1960A cab or some other good 4 X 12 Marshall cab.

but you said the wizard and Governer are less harsh on the treble side then the V30`s, will they take treble away?, because i don`t really want that either, i`d like alittle more lowend bass, for palm muting and stuff but i like treble for leads and to make the notes sound clear and not all muddy.
they dont really take it away, just a little bit different sound.

If your going to keep a G12T-75 in there, go for Vintage 30. The G12T-75 gives really good low end, and the vintage 30 is killer for leads, so you should be fine for both!
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