1984 ibanez dt 350 with emg 81 85
2005 Jackson DX10d with duncan designed distortion pickups
Squire bullet with Duncan performer hot rail
Roland cube 15 (looking for new amp)
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss DS-1
Danelectro Fab metal
Danelectro FaB Chorus
Danelectro FAB Echo
Danelectro Fab flanger

what should i change about my rig i play mostly thrash metal.
I`m thinking your amp, throw some EMG`s in the Jackson

I picked up a JCM900 and with the EMG and PA2 gain booster it`s got some face melting hot gain to it, it`s pretty bright sounding which is a good thing for thrash metal
throw out all those FAB effects (though they are fun to play with. just not gig worthy.)
new amp
and either mod your ds-1 or toss it.
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