We are going to a studio today, and for that I have to go to the local train station. It takes about half an hour to walk there. The problem is that it just started to (f***ing) snow/rain. oO
Would you walk with your Ibanez hardcase and your Iceman (IC400) in there in this weather?
I think the case is not that high-quality? It's the one that came with the IC400.
I just don't want a wet guitar or a twisted neck or something like this.


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Put a large trash bag over it.
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really, some people are far too careful with their guitars.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
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Detune it first man then gradually introduce it to the temp change

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being in the cold for 30 minutes won't hurt it, and neither will a tiny bit of damp possibly coming through the bag. electric guitars are very, very resilient things.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
wrap the whole case in cling rap
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Put a large trash bag over it.

This works, believe it or not.

Just carry it with the opening down.
Thx for your help!
Well, it stopped snowing before I left home. ^^

I'm not talking about damp, I ment water flowing into my hardcase and over my guitar/new strings! oO
-> I don't know how good the case protects the guitar from sleet.

Well, it's an Iceman, and it's snowing.



I didn't notice that before.