hey i'm looking at the presonus inspire to record a setup like this:

DRUMS: overhead,kick,snare mics into mackie VLZ mixer... L and R outputs into the 2 line ins on the inspire

guitar1: XLR cable from SM57 into presonus preamp slot on inspire

guitar2: same as guitar1

and then overdub bass and vocals later (we only have 3 members at the moment and need to get a demo!) .

is this possible? using all 4 inputs at once and also outputting a mixer into an audio interface?

i was thinking of getting the 8 preamp model (FP10?) by presonus however money has become a big issue in choice! i think this one is a third of the price and if it'll cover the above it'll do nicely

cheers for the backhander it wooda just been easier to explain why i cant do what i suggested instead of sending me ploughing through hundreds of pages of crap that is perhaps interesting but irrelevant. i dont plan on becoming a studio engineer i just wanna record a demo without having to record everyone separately on a click track. is that too much to ask the esteemed fountain-of-knowledge owners that grace the ultimate guitar forums? oh yeah and jonh frusciante is sick, kiwis ARE sheep ****ers and im glad you approach your disease (nationality) with good humour.
You can only use two inputs on the presonus at a time, one xlr and one 1/8 inch jack.

But you can piggy back two or more together to get the option of more mics.

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