i have a line 6 spider III 75.
i brought a boss DS 2 Turbo distortion and it made no difference at all, (think its cause they dont work well with modelling amps)
i was wondering if this is the case with all effects pedal eg octave pedals and or delay pedals.
cause i dont want to buy a new effect and then realise that the amp wont let it work properly.
Generally, pedals don't sound too great with modelling amps. They work, but their potential is a bit masked. If I were you, I'd live with what effects the Spider has for now. Or get very cheap (Behringer, for example) effects if you absolutely have to have them.
ALWAYS try the effect with your amp. Always. If that means taking your amp to the shop, do it.
OR check the shop, if they have the amp then try it. Also, see if you can rent it. Some shops rent amps, i'm sure some pedals would be rentable too.. I made the mistake of not trying a TS-9 with my amp. Granted it works beautifully and .. I love it. But don't listen to that. Try before you buy.

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