heya there im new here I was just wondering which delay I should get. I have read mixed reviews about both on harmony central. Obviously the dd-20 has more function and is more expensive, but i also heard it is a huge tone sucker. Anyone got any of these pedals and could give me some feedback. Anyway thanks guys

Noob Sabbathy
i own both and I can't say that they "suck tone". Especially the DD-20 which I use more. If you use a delay to color your tone/style but it's not really an intricate part of your playing then you could get away with the DD-6. If a delay is a big part of your sound (like the Edge) then the DD-20 will be more useful. And with the DD-20 you get much more "loop time" if that's important. The reasons I like the DD-20 is: Digital read-out down to 1 ms, tone knob which only effects the delay repeats, long loop time, multiple types of delay, stereo out-puts, and savable settings.
If I was Boss I would have: Added metal bars to protect the digital screen, and added a few more spots to save setting (like 10 instead of 4).