Hey Everyone

I was at this local flea market a week ago and i found this guy selling a few beat up guitars nothing special as far as i know ''but'' there was this one really beat up guitar that caught my attention all i know that it had the inscription/paint on the head which said ''Lucky 7'' it was all in wood finish and the coating had start to chip a little and it was missing one ore two string and it had F-sound holes oh and this one was fully acoustic.

So i had this on my mind for a little while and today i tried looking it up on google but i really didnt find much.

Heres a pic of a Lucky 7

This is all the info found.

Iam just wondering if it's worth looking up ore not?

Hi Chef
It's late but I just stumbled upon your post… I have a Lucky 7 if you're looking for one (UK based)
I have a Lucky 7 Acoustic Guitar but it says made in Indonesia on the label inside, does anyone know anything about this?
Don't bump old threads. Literally 7 years ago dude.
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