I know i made the same thread about it in the Pit, but I didn't get any serious responses so I guess I'll post it here again. Ok so my top of my middle finger to the bottom of my palm measured around 7 and half inches. I keep thinking to my self i have small hands, maybe because Im not skilled enough, and Im just blaming my hand size for it or idk. I was wondering if my hand size was too small for a les paul, either the 50's neck or the 60's neck. I have a c shaped fender neck that I play for now.
no they're not to small they're the right size
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My hands are only about 8 inches (from palm to the tip of my index finger). But I don't seem to have much of a problem with bigger necks. I play on a Washburn WG587. That's a 7 string and the neck is even wider than a Les Paul.
the size of your hands doesn't really matter.You'll get used to your guitar once you start playing it regularly.
my hands are only 6 1/2 inches
I wish i had bigger hands.......
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Same measurement for me is 7" and I have no problems whatsoever.
Easily able to hook my thumb around for root notes on the 6th string and able to stretch from index finger at 2nd fret and pinky at the 7th.

You have an extra 1/2".. consider it an advantage. :p
Assholes. Now I have to measure my hand....

7.75 inches. I always felt like I had a small hand, though...
It's more to do with thumb position that actual hand size.

If you can position your thumb correctly most stretches are possible.

Jake E Lee formerly of Ozzy's band and Badlands apparently had pretty small hands and seemed to OK.

I personally have big hands and very thick fingers which can be tricky up the top end of the neck as my fingers are wider than the frets they are trying to play.

JUst work with what you have and try to find the best way to do so.
My teacher have small hands, and he's a professional classical guitarist
so it dosent matter, again its all about position
My hands are only 6 and a half inches (from tip of the middle finger to bottom of palm) and it doesn't hinder my playing.
I don't think hand size matters much unless you get to a hand size that can't reach from the first fret to the fourth.
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