I've been trying to do Pinch Harmonics which sound like zack wylde's,
but no matter what I do it doesn't sound even close.

a friend of mine told me zack uses special strings (looser ones i think) and a wah-wah pedal, which enhances pinch harmonics.

is it true wah-wah pedals enhance pinch harmonics?
and what should I do to get that sharp and accurate pinch harmonics like he does?

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A pedal isn't gunna enhance a pinch harmonic.

All you need is a guitar with a bridge pickup and an amp with some distortion, or with a distortion pedal.

You change the sound by moving the positions of -both- your hands. The picking hand is the important part there. You can get multiple sounds per note.
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Primarily it's just technique. You should be able to hear pinch harmonics with very little gain at all. However, once you've got the technique down, i find thicker strings are better, and a wah is also useful to get the sweeping sort of sound.
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Zakk uses some beefy ass strings so it's not a loose issue for the tremolo part, it's a strength issue in his case. Loose string do help as you can move them more. A wah can enhance the sound of them but the technique is more important, you gotta shake the **** out of them to get that Zakk sound. Also I'm not so sure it's his wah that Zakk uses, I think it's his Rotovibe that he uses to make more tremolo in the harmonics.
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the on the low e string around the second to 12 fret thts ow i do thm also apply slightly more pressure with the picking hand.

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you dont need a wah unless you want to but youve got to do some seriously fast vibrato to get the wuh-wuh noise and zakk uses 10-60 strings on tour and 11-70 in the studio type zakk wylde on thomann and you can get the custom dunlops he uses
It's not what you want to hear I know, but practice is about 95% of it. I've seen classical guitarists pull off pinch harmonics on nylon-string acoustics, so you can try as much new gear as you want - but there's no instant solution.