Hey guys!
I bought a Line 6 Spider III last weekend because i personally like the metal tone. But now I got a prob with it:
always when I played a little(10 minutes or so) not changing the settings, an then i change any setting it just ****s up and there is no more sound... so I put the power off and wait 5 minutes and then it works again...
No clue what is the problem...
Please guys no comments like "spider III sucks" I really need help.
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Might be something dodgy with the electronics inside. It's probably nothing you can repair (and that's 99.9% certainty) so you should just take it back for an exchange. That's if you bought it new and still have the receipt.
Yeah, I have a Line 6 Spider lll 75 and I like it... but i never have that happen. I would either take it into a shop or just exchange it if its possible.
Exchange it for store credit and get a better amp, no offense.
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Even if the store doesn't allow an exchange, it should be covered under warranty.
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Exchange it for store credit and get a better amp, no offense.


You'll be glad you did.
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