I was looking at the new Epiphone Prophecy series, and I'm stuck between the SG EX or GX. The only difference (besides looks) is the kind of pickups. The EX has an 81/85 set and the GX has 2 Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups (the new reissued kind).

I don't really play much heavy metal, but I like something with good output and good distortion. However, I also do plenty of clean stuff, so I'm wondering what sort of pickups I should go with.

PS. Amp not yet decided upon, but I think a Vox AD30VT.
Since you want decent cleans and will be using a solid state amp, your best bet is the GX with the Dirty Fingers pickups in it. They should handle all your distortion needs anyway.
Dirty Fingers just because of your solid state, although I'd still suggest them if you had a tube amp because the 81 just sounds nasty to me.
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I thought the Vox was a hybrid. I know it's not supposed to do much, but surely there is some difference?
Nothing significant, because there is only one valve. The majority of the amp is still solid state technology.
Yes, it is. One of the best modelling amps out there and, in my opinion, the best in the price range below the Line 6 Flextones. It's one of the ones I recommend when I pop into these threads.
Alright, thanks. Anyways, back on topic. I think I'm going with the Dirty Fingers because they apparently give a good chunky distortion sound while maintaining a good clean tone. EMGs.... I haven't heard much praising their clean sound. I'm under the impression that EMGs are more for heavy metal and shredding.
EMG + 18V = much better tone across the board
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ive been looking at these guitars too
except i'll probably go with the emgs since i never use cleans
unless the dirty fingers are good for metal too?
never heard them.
i do think the gx looks better than the ex though
I think it looks better too. Reddish with gold hardware. Supposedly, though, the Dirty Fingers are the highest output pickups that Gibson makes. I imagine they would be fine for metal.

EDIT: Oh, and did I forget to mention? The Dirty Fingers are coil tapped, too.
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yeah, that would make the guitar more versatile
i also thought i read that you can switch them between active and passive mode?
ONLY get EMG's if you play metal.. I don't any metal and wish I didn't have them.
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dirty fingers Hands down...just also think how many Gibson SG's have EMG's...(IDK any that arent custom done)
^ I'm not disagreeing with you, but with that logic, how many Gibsons come with DF that aren't custom?
i have a dirty fingers, it sounds horrible for cleans, but is great if your wanting a sort of soft punching bite to your 'clean' songs. for overdrive, its ****ing awesome.com
Pile of crap right above. I played an epiphone Les Paul Prophecy yesterday with the Dirty Fingers ad I couldn't have possibly picked a new guitar so surely. They sounded so amazind clean, and so harsh and brutal overdirven.
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I suggest getting a fender strat... and using the extra cash you save to buy somethig better than a Vox Valvetronix. What styles do you play?
Rock, light metal, some jazzy stuff, light rock. Maybe an acoustic type song occasionally.

I really don't like strats. It's just one of my problems.
About $600 for a guitar. I just wanted to know which version of the Prophecy I should go for. They come with either EMGs or Dirty Fingers.
I would go with the Dirty Fingers. EMGs are for proper metal, chugchugchug, shredshredshred, the Dirty Fingers will be able to out do the EMGs on the light rock, jazzy stuff, etc
i was lookin at them axes today too...i want one pretty bad.the thought of a 24 fret les paul is awesome..i bought a jackson rr24 a year ago, but these guitars would have been out back then...its amazing how great the features are on the GX...you'd never see a 24 fret Gibson, and i dont think they have coil splitting gibby LP's either...although epiphone isnt the superior quality (or name...) of gibson, i think they are a lot more cutting edge,and serve up and coming players a lot better
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Yeah, but the fret access probably isn't spectacular. That's one of the reasons why I like the SG better.

But which one would have more sustain?
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Pile of crap right above. I played an epiphone Les Paul Prophecy yesterday with the Dirty Fingers ad I couldn't have possibly picked a new guitar so surely. They sounded so amazind clean, and so harsh and brutal overdirven.

if you think its clean, i suggest you go and get a hearing test and play with ear protection on.