Hey guys, not sure if this is the right forum to post here, but I thought it was.

So, when I play my bass (Ibanez GSR200JB) through my 30w "Adonis" (note: brand doesn't ven exist, it's one of those Chinese ones) amp+speaker combo, I get a weird crackling noise.
It's like every half-a-second it 'clips'.

Now I thought it was my amp dying, because it's a cheap Chinese amp and all (note: I got the amp when I bought it with a really cheap Chinese bass aswell, to see if I liked playing bass more than playing guitar, gonna upgrade soon anyway...) but here is the werid thing.

I also have a Behringer V-Tone electric guitar, and I plugged it into the bass amp and it sounded, well, flawlessly. The electric guitar also works fine when I plug it into my Mac running GarageBand.

The Ibanez bass on the other hand; When I plug it into my Behringer V-Tone 15w amp, it does the crackling noise too, and it crackles on my Mac aswell...

I'm going to get that Chinese bass out of its box on the attic soon and test it out on the bass amp.

I'm thinking the pickups of my Ibanez are dying?

Please give me any suggestions, if anybody has had experience with this.
Note that I DO still have warranty for both my Ibanez bass and the "Adonis" amp.


I forgot to say that I've tried different cables, to no avail.

What do you mean by tighten up?
Well guys, call me a noob, but I forgot that my bass had a 9V battery because of its PJ-combo pickups.

I think it's almost drained completely, because on the back it says: "UNPLUG WHEN NOT PLAYING TO AVOID BATTERY DRAIN"...the jack was in there for 5 months non-stop, even overnight.

I'll be buying a new 9V battery tomorrow :]
Yeah, when a bass has active pickups they run on those old nine volts... Why they can't be something more conventional, I dunno... but anyways, yeah... They drain. When it drains, usually it makes a crackling noise, or even will just die after a few minutes or seconds of playing.

Great, it works fine now with a new battery.
I'm such a dork for not thinking of that...

Thanks anyway guys!