I've been playing electric guitar for nearly 10 months now,and I am really getting frustrated with my current amp,Fender Frontman 15G.BTW,I play mostly thrash metal,bands like Metallica and Megadeth,with some other bands like Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Malmsteen...My amp budget would be up to 300,400 euros.I was considering Roland Cube 30X a lot,but choose to ask for some advice on the other amps before I purchase it.
Current situation:
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The Roland Cubes are good amps for metal in their price range and if you're short on choices, it may be the best. You could also look into Randall solid states - Randall are well known for making good amps for heavy music, both valve and solid states. I'm not sure you could get a metal-oriented valve amp for €400 unless you went used and I'm not sure what the choices are like in Serbia.
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Get a marshall for sure... actually just get anything besides a VOX cause they suck dick

Marshalls in that price range will be solid states. Marshall solid states are far worse amps than Vox solid states.

Secondly, Vox make one of the best amps in the world - the Vox AC30. Alongside the Marshall Plexi and Fender Bassman, it's one of the oldest designs and it is STILL very popular and very, very good.

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If my math is right, 400 Euros is like $600 US - you can get a 1x12 tube combo amp, like a used JCM 800 or an older Mesa F series 1x12, and get a distortion pedal, perhaps a noise gate pedal also, and you'll be set.