How good is this guitar compared to other guitars of the same price? I was thinking of buying a Gibson LP Studio but that seem so overpriced. How good is the quality on the Viper 400? I've heard it should sound good. (I will try one next week.)

So, you owners of this guitar, tell me about it.
i own the studio, i think its great for the price. great build, tough as hell, and it sounds huge. ive never played the viper 400.
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Grover tuners, Earvana nut, active EMG pickups and it's not chambered like the Studio. The guitar is built like a tank. Make sure you try it out first though, since it's kind of neck-heavy. Less than an SG anyway.
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i liked the look of those guitars but could never get used to owning something that looked like a "metal version" of a legendary body style. personally i like SGs MUCH better but i don't focus primarily on shred and heavy metal. if you do then im sure you wouldn't care if it's a knock-off shape or not. if it sounds damn good, GET IT!!! i promise i wont hate it just b/c it looks like an italicized version of mine!!!
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I have a 500s.

I compared it to a Gibson sg standard.. my Viper blew it away.