Post your opinions of singing styles here!

Screaming and Growling is overdone - bands that use it at the right times to emphasize the lyrics rule (see Foo Fighters, for example). Bands that do nothing but shout atonally should get a new vocalist and/or branch out their singing.

However, some metal bands wherein the singer is also the guitar player I can forgive - when playing more complex riffs it's hard to sing too unless you're pretty good. In this case, CoB, BFMV and others are forgiven but should STILL try to sing tonally.

Just my opinion - there are no wrong ones, so post away!
I'm not a huge fan by any means, but I liked the way The Human Abstract did their vocals when I heard them.
Thrice, Muse, The Silent Years, and Radiohead have my favorite vocals styles
original voices. too many bands musically sound amazing but their vocalists all sound the same as each other. i love what blink 182 did. i also love what sum 41 did.
i would say Tom delonge-blink182-AVA is a good singer to me, his accented singing is something that never gets old to me. also Hopes die last and Bless the fall are favs on singing.
I love Billy Corgan's singing style because it is just so different from any one else and he do some great volume swells were his voice just starts to become "rough" sounding
Not being big-headed here, but my band's singer is amazing. She's a girl, but she sings in guy's octaves and in a jazzy style. It's goddamn amazing.
Thom Yorke is amazing, Bobby Mcferrin is really great and he's got a unique style. Uh Jeff Buckley is pretty unique too. I really like the style of the guy from the movie Once
I am a big fan of Jerry Garcia's singing, he never gets credit for it but it is such a sweet, sincere voice.

Also, Bradley Nowell from sublime had an amazing voice, it always fit the song.