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I'm about average height: 5' 10" ish, and I'm 17.
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
at 14.
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Tall than a sparrow (as long as it isn't flying) and shorter than a giraffe (as long as it's taller than me and not a dwarf giraffe).
im 5,9 tall (i think thats right, 174 cm) 17 year old. So im average.
I'm 5'11, 16 years, everyone always says how tall I am so I guess i'm pretty tall, but not a tower lol
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thanks for the compliment man!
I'm 6ft and 1 inch, but people SHORTER than me always claim to be 6ft 1" so I tell them I'm 6ft 2" just to make them feel better.
i'm 6'4 and a bit, and i'm 15...
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taller than wideheim.
Too tired and lazy to bother with a sig, Sorry.
I'm 5'11, still growing.
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6'1 (184cm I think) so about average I'd say.
I'm taller than a lot of people I know (most of them actually) and people tell me I'm tall, but I don't always feel it
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what the fuck? i'm 18 and i'm 5'5
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Yes, I'm tall.
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im 6' 2"

have been since i was 14...

yeah im tall
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I'm 1.70 meters something like that and I'm 14 a lot of people tell me that I'm tall
6'3" and I'm 20

Probably aint gonna grow any more,and it's not long before I start shrinking with old age.


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Okay, big-T is a legend first and foremost

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You are awesome, Big T.

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Would like to publicly state that Big-T is my new God and Hero
6' 4" for me Im 18 but ive been this tall since i was 15.
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you again

damn i could've done a much better response for ntchode 'Owner of UGs hugest penis'
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