My current set-up is really, really bad. Without sounding terrible, it'll only record completely clean sounds, or one particular crunch/drive combination. I have a V-Amp, and I've got a fairly cheap Behringer Firewire connector, that I plug my balanced cables through and record.

Does anybody know of anything that will give me high-quality tracks? I'm looking to completely redo my whole recording set-up, and my price range for the hardware is roughly $250, but I could spend $300 if I really needed to.

Any help if greatly appreciated. I have 5 tracks that I want to record for a demo, but the songs are just really low-quality and distorted.

Thanks a ton to anybody that decides to help.
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I have a Lexicon Lambda...its a great interface for about 150...add a good condenser mic and some recording software you can easily use and you should be set (i use audacity which is free but i also have cubase, ableton, and protracks on my computer. they all do exactly the same thing but audacity is actually understandable)

So...Guitar->Amp(real amp...not simulated Vamp)-> Condenser Mic (MXL makes some good cheap ones from what i hear)->Lambda->Computer
I would recommend the line6 Pod XT live if you wanna avoid an amp and mic set up. It has a USB out so it will give you a higher quality output than a jack-jack cable

as far as software goes, if you wanna stay cheap (and legal) audacity is reasonable (and free) and adobe audition is pretty good, if you are looking to spend a bit more, cubase is the one to go for
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Hmm...for that price, don't expect miracles. You can probably stick with Kristal and Audacity on the software side for the time being. Consider a used Line 6 XT model to save money, or a Zoom G7.1ut, which even has a tube in the preamp...though the selling point is the high quality sound and construction. If you want to play your sounds live, you can get a Tech 21 Power Engine later, which will faithfully reproduce the sounds you hear.
I had a feeling the simulation on my Vamp was doing something to it. Thanks for everyone who helped, but I just have one more question. If I record the song pre-amp, is there any software I can use after I already record it to add effects to it?

Thanks a ton.
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I'm sure you can try running the sound through Audacity's plugins (there's flange, delays, and reverbs).
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This is an even better tool: ANALOG Tascam Portastudio.

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