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B-52 AT-100 Head
1 17%
Bugera 6260 Head
3 50%
Bugera 333XL Head
2 33%
Voters: 6.
I'm currently using a B52 AT-100 and a Marshall 1960A 4x12. I've been contemplating getting a new amp. Of course I've been eyeing Mesas, as I used to have one, and I'm thinking about going back. But I just saw the Bugera Amps distributed by Behringer. Since the price is so good, I'm considering one of those and keeping the AT-100. So my question to the forum is: How does the Bugera 6260 or 333XL compare to the B52 AT-100??? Which one(s) is better than the other??? I've been scouring for some reviews on these Bugeras, but there isn't much about the actual tone of the amp. If some people could give me some info, thatd be great.

I play everything. I am mainly focused on Overdrive and Distortion tones, I have a pre amp for my cleans. I need something with heavy head distortion and as little high gain buzz as possible.
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well, from what i hear they are surprisingly great amps for low priced tubess. the 6260 is a 5150 copy with good cleans. the 6262 is a 6505 copy with good cleans. the 333XL is a JSX copy if i remember correctly.

now i havent played a bugera myself yet, but i want to pretty bad. so i am just going off what i have read here and heard from youtube soudclips.

and up_in_irons, behringer just distributes the amps because i rememeber someone here on these forums saying that bugera used to make the speakers for the behringer cabs or something to that effect. not too sure. so dont be too quick to judge until you tried something for yourself.
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As you already know you will have trouble getting informed opinions at this time (too new) so you really ought to try a Bugera personally before buying. I would wait at least a year before buying one so the bugs can be corrected. I made the mistake of jumping on a new brand close to its introduction just because the specs sounded good and it sounded great in the store. I ended up returning two brand new amps because of amp death, bought a different brand that had been around longer and no problems.
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