I was just wondering if anyone owns or has played a Gibson RD Reverse Firebird, because i was thinking of buying one off of ebay but i cant find many reviews on it and dont know anybody who owns one. I was just wondering if anyone knew how it played and what the average price is. Thanks
I may be wrong, but the RD is a reissue of the RD Standard of about 1977 or so. It looks a little like a reverse Firebird but is not the same. It has a solid maple body and passive humbuckers. I played an RD Artist (same guitar with active electronics designed by Moog) in the 70's and it was great. Never played the passive version but I think it would be a brighter, edgier sound than say an SG. Probably a great axe, but play one, its not for everyone.
I have never played, held, or even seen one in the real world, but the people who have seem to be all teenage-girl swoony over it. And I must say, it's ten billion times more pretty than a Firebird (although it'd look even better with a Firebird headstock, which pretty much trumps all others)