after seeing the website today, all of the 50 and below 400 series guitars have been listed as having basswood instead of agathis bodies....if this is the case im gonna get on to mod.....anyone else seen this?
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Thats sounds great..I've loved basswood ever since i played an entry level
Dean. I was doing all kinds of harmonics tricks on it. If ESP does do it I'm in!!
Im just itching for a V-shaped guitar
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It's definitely interesting. Are they better guitars because of it? That's yet to be discovered. I'm sure the pickups are still crap but perhaps they have started using better hardware along with the better woods.
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ive always heard agathis was a bad tonewood....i never agreed,ive owned 2 guitars made out of agathis that didnt sound bad to me.....but i do like basswood better,....
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"Bad" wood doesn't make it a bad guitar, you'll just have more variation in the wood from one guitar to another, so you'll probably get more bad pieces of wood, but you could get an amazing Agathis axe if you simply look for one and try a few out.

Hell, my Dano DC-12 is Masonite and it sounds amazing. Tune it to open G and you can't find a better sounding slide guitar.