I'm goin down to Mexico this weekend to Chihuahua.

I read that Jackson has a factory/distributer down there.
Anyone ever bought a guitar in mexico? If you've been
to Chihuahua can you recommend a shop?

I just figured if they make it there and ship it to America
why not just get it really cheap there..

Any tips on spotting pirated guitars will be appreciated as
well. I can spot a fake Gibson or Epiphone...but those are
models I am very familiar with.
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Umm,no but I just thought of a great way to get drugs across the border.

Nahh, bad idea. Haven't you ever seen Walk the Line?
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No,but are they really gonna take apart an electric guitar? So many good hiding places.

It's been done. A hollowed out Squier filled with crack.
living in mexico (albiet, not chihuahua) I can say that guitars are a lot more expensive here than in the states. even mexican-made guitars are more expensive (for example, about $500 for a Standard Fender Strat). also, in most music stores here, you can't play the instruments until you buy them.

it sucks so hard