ok im selling a mg100 head on ebay with a custom cab i made, check it here
Marshall MG100HDFX

anyways im HOPING to get around 350 for it. what should i go for with that money?
i play alot of types but i need something that can give me metal, good lead sounds, and a nice clean tone. im thinking vox ad50vt or a peavey valveking. any suggestions?
The Vox seems good.
Spider III's perhaps?
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Quote by iTzMaTT
The Vox seems good.
Spider III's perhaps?

I know that wasnt a joke.
yes a VK and a boost will be good for metal. i suggest a speaker change also.

Edit: the vox is more for mid gain classic rock.
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Try the valveking with some kind of boost. Make sure to try the Cube 60 as well, since some people like it more for metal than the valveking.