So...i had a friend over recently, that will be refered to as "bobby joe sue mcwambot the 19th"...he spent a couple nights, and went home yesterday...today i received a call about the night he got home, his on/off girlfriend wanted to give him a blowjob...but he was too damn tired(no sleep at mah house >.> he...couldent get it up...****ing hilarious IMO...
...Imma Snow Leopard...Rawr....
"Even though I've found God, I still love blow jobs, and I still say fuck." - Dave Mustaine

You know, when you, like, you grab a woman's breast and it's... and you feel it and... it feels like a bag of sand when you're touching it.
his on/off girlfriend wanted to give him a blowjob

does she get turned to the "on" position for blowjobs and "off" for when he puts her back in the closet?
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
WOW! this is so funny!

not. maybe if we actually knew your friend. without any connection to him its pretty unfunny actually.