Say if I have to play a chord as five strings in a row with different fingers, from low E to B. At the moment I am playing the E with my thumb and then each of the other strings with the corresponding finger, ending by playing the B with my smallest finger on the right hand.

My question is, do you think it is worth trying to build up the strength in this little finger to be able to play such things fluently, or should I play two strings in a row with my thumb and then not use the little finger at all? Right now, that would be much easier, I just wonder how useful my littlest finger is going to be in future.

As you can probably tell I've only just moved on from playing everything with a plectrum - thanks for any advice.
generally i use thumb for the 3 low strings, index for g string, middle for b, and ring for high e
well classical fingerstyle doesnt even use the pinky finger and look at all the dexterous and fast that classical guitarists can play without it

so wat im trying to say is that it's not really important to work out the pinky
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i disagree. what would be the negative side of learning to use your pinky, and getting it as strong as all of your other fingers? its just THAT much more that you can do with your hand, and its not going to hurt. its just my personal opinion though. if you dont want to use your pinky, then you dont have to.
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Usually you only use the pinky for block chords where you need an extra finger.
In my opinion it would be smart to invest some time merely learning how to do simple things such as this with your pinky finger. You don't have to build it to the point where it can replace any other finger, but merely come in handy when needed like for bar chord arpeggiated shapes.
Thumb for 3 lowest strings, and then index, middle and ring for high 3.

Lose the pinky.