Pretty nice, it's a cool song.
I'm actually waiting for the finished version.
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I loved the "victim of the Judo throw" lyric near the beginning. I wasn't expecting that, but it was cool.
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That was one of the best things I've ever heard on UG. The melody is fantastic, and the way you sing it is perfect. Whatever you do with the final version, keep it sparse. I love that it's just a tambourine and an acoustic guitar. Maybe add a little bit of accenting electric, but I'd definitely keep it as simple as possible. I really can't stress how much I like this. Great work.

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The instruments are quite out of tune with one another, which makes it pretty unlistenable.

Otherwise the usual Bogroll quality is in place. Let me know when you finish it and I'll give it another listen.

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great sound, love it
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Reminds me of Belle and Sebastian except not quite as lush.. It's wonderful. Can't wait for the finished version.
Okay, I loved this. Fantastic song. It works really well with just the acoustic and tambourine(?) and I honestly would keep it that way. The way you sing it and the lo-fi recording give it a lot of character. It's got really strong melodies, a really nice chord progression and a well-thought out structure. I honestly wouldn't change a lot when re-recording it but, if you decide to, I'd keep it as simple as possible.

Great stuff man.

and thanks for the crit on mine!
Consider me a fan. You guys are seriously awesome. Great melodies, immaculate song structure and from what I can tell, cool lyrics. I will be downloading your album very shortly.

And thanks.
wow, that was great, 123 on the keeping it sparse and simple.
i love the tambourine, very folkish and subtle... btw, ur not from liverpool by any chance are u??
Sup there!
Quite enjoyed this little tune. I hear a TON of "The Beatles" inspiration in there.
Guitars are played and recorded well, vocals are guite good!
Can't wait to hear he finished version.

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