well im in a really gay catholic school and i have to write a psalm about sampson form the old testament. it has to be 6 lines and i cant do it because i cant write anything like that because my mind isnt in it.

so if you could give me a little help it would be greatly appreciated
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I think I'm out of it. I read the title as ""Who else loves pornography?"

Take an exsiting psalm, translate it into french using a online translator, then from french into german. then into english. Tada. A brand new Psalm.
"The pain is born from memory of pleasures unparalleled and pure
This is the psalm of Lydia
Oh my sweet Lydia the others have told me it is not your time to leave
It is not your time, you’ve so much more to see"

^ Kidding, Nevermore do rule though.

Just go to wiki and find out about it, it could help.

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