okay so my guitar has 2hb a simple 3way selector, volume pot and jack imput

the soldering had fallen off from the volume pot so i re soldered the wire coming from the imput to the middle one and the wire from the selector to the outer part with the other side going into the centre of the pot.

I assumed this would fix the problem of my guitar not working but i plugged it in only to hear some horrible noise, which changed when i touched any metal part of my guitar, is this the grounding? and what can i do about it

oh and if you couldnt tell already, im pretty new to wiring/modding guitars but its something id find really useful

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Ah thanks for the diagram, was what i was looking for

I think the crappy bc rich wiring thats already inplace is whats confusing me
i only have blue red black grey and white wires, like coming from the jack its just a grey wire, with a white one inside that

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WTF is a scale any way.