today while playing bass along with a cd i discovered something very interesting.

i dont no if anyone knows this maybe evreyone does but i didnt .i plugged my CD player into my old practise amp for some extra volume. and i turned the bass rigght up full. all i could hear was the bass it was great.hope you see what im getting at.i was able to then work out the bass perfectly fopr thunder struck which i decided to learn . there was a hell of a load of different things from the tab including slides and stuff.

the little practise amp was a hiwatt 25 watt i think somthing like that.

any questions ask me you might not understand what im getting at this so useful for working out tunes and for people who tab things i dont it would be great .
come back to me with questions or anything
how do you plug a CD player into a amp.Is there any thing besides those to and a cable I need?
no i dont have a picture its one of those things that you plug into your guitar but without a cable i dont know what their called and then just a a wire attached from that to the cd player
if you have bass control on your speakers, if you crank that up you get a similar effect, but not as good.