Umm ive been playin a little while now and ive decided to get a distortion pedal. I dont really know how to hook em up and stuff. So do i need a special plug or sumthin or do i need somethings on my guitar or amp? Ive been using a roland microcube so thats why ive had no need for a pedal except im screwed when i want to play something clean then distorted. thx if u help.
i dont do much with pedals but if ur just doin a distortion pedal all you need is: the pedal, 2 Guitar cables. just hook the cable from your guitar into the side of the pedal(usally marked with either "guitar" "amplifier" plug the cord thats pluged into your guitar into the guitar port on the pedal, then plug the other cable from the amp side of pedal into your guitar input on the amp.
Perhaps look at a Boss DS-1 as a starting-point. Big muff or fuzz face might be good alternatives depending on the sound you want. Try looking at what your favourite artists use so you can emulate a few songs to get a feel for it. Yeah it is just normal guitar leads but one either side. If you want to hook multiple pedals up you can get patch leads which are just shorter versions.
also (depending on your amp?) you get a footswitch pedal. my old crate came with one that let me switch between clean,distortion, and effects. if you like your amps dist. maybe that would be a cheaper choice?