Right, my mate wants to sell me his Jackson for £200, it looks like a JS30KV King V but with seymour duncan pickups, I'm confused because I've looked everywhere for a model with these pickups in them because I was there when he bought this brand new...and he's never put in custom pickups...I think it cost him about £375 if i remember correctly.

Another question is it worth it? Comes with bag, stand an spare lead.
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Sure you arent just getting an insanely cheap KV2?
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Are they Seymour Duncan or Duncan Designed. Can't give you more info until you give me the following:
Inlay Type
control Config
Number of Frets
Logo (IE Sticker or MOP)
Bound or Unbound neck
I cant give no info at the moment because I havent seen it in ages so i cant actually remember....I'll go have a look over the weekend when I get back from university...Will come back to this post. I remember it having a tune omatic bridge
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If it has sharktooth inlays, it's not a JS model.
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