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The faded coloured bits would be easy to do with the gradient tool.

I use Photoshop at college so I can't remember much, but the curved outlines can be done with a pen tool I believe. Click once where you want the line to start, then click where you want it to end but don't let go, drag it outwards so it curves.

That's all I know.
If you don't know your photoshop, you can guess that even if we could tell you how to do it, it'd turn out a bit pap.

Sorry, but practice makes perfect.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
lighting/gradient maps for the people is my guess if you wanted a start at least

put in some stocks of smoke and lightning, couple of star brushes
IMO it could be done, but it'd probably look shoddy, so stop where you are
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I'm not trying to sound like an ass or anything but just Google "Photoshop tutorials"; there's whole websites dedicated to "how do i do *insert something here* in photoshop??".
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You can't do it.
You need a huge experience in creating images in photoshop rather than editing.
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Is there a free alternative that has the powers of photoshop?


It's not what you think, it means GNU Image Manipulation Program. I think.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']It's not one of those things you can just 'left left up square cirle r2+x' out of.

someone needs to stop playing "video games"
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