So. Here's the thing. I'm selling my Epiphone Les Paul and my Line 6 Spider to my friend for $325, I'll still have a Peavey TransTube Rage 158 amp to use. But here's the thing. I can choose between getting either a used JCM900 1x12 50 watt amp for $475, or a used Gibson Explorer with EMG 81/85 for $560. My dad said he'd pay for the difference in either one, as long as I used my $325 towards it. Also, he said if I get the JCM, he'd buy me at least a cheap Ibanez to use till I save up for a different guitar. I play mostly hard rock and metal, and I've heard good things about both items, so I have come to you for help. Thanks all.
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Amp FTW. A shit guitar can sound decent through a good amp.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
That amp is amazing. Get it. That is all I have to say.
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JCM900 + Hello Kitty Squier

THIS, with an EMG 81 (white) in the bridge.

That's about as metal as you can get.
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Alright, so I'm going to go ahead and assume the JCM and
the cheap Ibanez is by far the better move?

I would agree, so would most here I believe. That is a good amp, great amp at that price...
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Alright, so I'm going to go ahead and assume the JCM and the cheap Ibanez is by far the better move?

Well, not really by far. The Gibson's a good deal too. But I'd definitely go for the JCM + Ibanez.
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go for the amp...the price is really good and it's good quality. the guitar isn't a bad deal but i'd still prefer the amp first.
JCM900 +ibanez RG321= more than decent rig.
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