That's right folks. I, an excessively large hairy fat dude have done a cover of Stop by the Spice Girls, and it is awesome. Full instrument and vocal arrangements. Prepare to be amazed. Check it out in my profile.

By the way, I did this as a project for school. The assignment was to create a midi mock-up of a song, and we were allowed to record real vocals if we wanted. This was the first song that came into my head, and so I went with it, and it turned out splendidly.
Oh it sounds a lot like the real one, your vocals are good :p I was hoping for maybe a punkish cover though, cos my friends like to mess about with it too cos I love this song :p Maybe try that as a follow up??
I liked it a lot, it amused me, but not in a laughing at you way, just enjoying it. You have a great voice, I agree with you completely, it did turn out splendidly.

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Thats AWSOME!!!
Really tight, I cant find any faluts with it. Yove got a good voice, its got quite a range to it.
Heh, stop was the first single I ever bought back when I was 12. Thankfully my taste in music has moved on since then.

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