Im trying these martin custom lights and they play horrible compared to the elixers...they make a horrible sqeaky noise when sliding thru bar chords and are not nearly as smooth...The tone is goodish tho..What other stings feel as smooth as the elixers..?
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I heard Cleartone's do the job pretty well, But I use Elixer's on my Taylor. Why don't you just buy Elixers?

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When I first bought my guitar, my friend bought me a pair of elixirs to put on it. I had no idea what they were at the time, and dismissed it as all guitar strings being expensive. A few months later, I felt I needed new guitar strings (at the time, I thought it was natural to change them every few weeks) and tried some D'adario's. I couldnt figure out why they didn't sound nearly as good, even though they were new. This turned into a 6 month adventure trying out every single type of strings that all the music stores available to me sold.

I eventually ended up accidentally getting elixirs (I had no idea they were what I originally had) and found out how amazing they were one again.

The moral of this story: Nothing sounds like Elixirs. You just gotta go buy 'em again.
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What type elixers are you using?...I duno....i just got abit fed up of the dullish sound..They played excently tho
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elixirs are excellent in terms of comfort... but honestly, they sound pretty crappy. they have like NO depth or soul to them. some people like the cold sound of elixirs, but i for one, like depth and tonal complexity.
The Cleartones compare favorably, in my opinion, although they are not as "comfortable" to play. Technically, they are "treated" strings while the elixirs are "coated" - what's it mean? In my book the cleartones feel more like regular (non-coated) strings. The tone is as good, if not better, than elixirs to my ear. Longevity is not something I can compare yet - I've had cleartones on for about 3 weeks or so after changing from elixirs - so far, so good.