I need a new multi effects pedal thats cheep and ive narrowed it down to the behringer V-amp 2 and the zoom G2.1u. I'm finding it hard to decide which, but im kinda leaning towards the zoom G2.1u, since it has expression pedal, and drum machine, and usb, and other stuff the behringer doesnt have (or does it ?). So could someone list the effects that the zoom has and compare the two systems? that would really help
just never buy behringer, is that enough?
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Heres my opinion on multi effects packages. Quantity way over quality.EVery one I used had a lot of effects, sure, but only like 3 that I would actually use. Just buy a couple individual pedals (Boss DD3, Digital Reverb, Chorus etc) and youll be good to go. Youll be thanking yourself in the long run. Those multi-efx things are fun to toy around with, but I would never use them for anything serious.
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If you practice with headphones or SS I'd go with Behringer; they have good effects but are cheap and unreliable in the long term. You will never use the expression pedal anyways. The only time I use the expression pedal is to use the volume control... Wah on Multi-FX sucks big time.

If you have tube, then just by a overdrive box, wah, and delay box.
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thanks i was gonna do that and get some useful stomp boxes except i have no clue how to set them up lol, thats why i wanted to go the easy way out, but i guess i can figure it out