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Hey guys,
I just started a band that's composed of drums, guitar, bass, piano, sax and a singer. We're sounding really together jamming to rock or blues jams, but I'm trying to figure out a set list of songs that would work real well to play in bars with college age people. I could really use some help. I was thinking about playing some classic rock tunes, but I am having trouble finding songs that we could include sax in. Thanks
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Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood
Back in Time / Power of Love - Huey Lewis
Johnny B. Goode

Off the top of my head.
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the sax is one of the best players in the band and can play mostly anything so we cant get rid of him ;-)
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Quote by TaintedFearSBT
money - pink floyd

If you want to play classic rock with a saxaphone and don't cover this song, you don't deserve to be gigging.

EDIT: If he's good enough, just as an aside, the saxophonist probably could play chords. Well, he could play dryads - I used to know a very technically proficient trombonist who told me about skilled brass players who could 'sing' a note whilst blowing air into their instrument and fingering a (different) note, thus creating two seperate tones. Not sure reed instruments could replicate this, but as I'm not overly familiar with either class, I don't really see why not.
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