Okay, i found these 2 speakers in my garage, there cerwin vega AT8's (I think) and they dont use jacks to plug into, there like wires that u need to clip on or somthing like that but anyways, to the real point. i've got a marshall mg10cd that ive been dying to make louder is there anyway i can run the 2 cerwin vegas in paralell with the speaker in the amp? i dont care how complicated it is i just wanna know if i can do it. (intructions wouldnt be bad but im not forcing them)

Thanks People
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probably. depending on what the speakers are, ohms, etc etc. or else you'll end up frying things you didnt know was there

thread is useless with barely any info. sorry dude.
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A) why would you want to make something that sounds like that, louder
B) you'd be better off just replacing the speaker ( if not the whole amp) with a more efficient one.
heres a pic of the speakers, and i just need somthing alot louder i realy dont care if it sounds that bad (which i know it does) i just dont feel like dumping the doe
Those are hifi speakers. Don't use them with your amp. They will blow, or, if you're lucky, just sound terrible.

If you want your amp to be louder, get a new one. It's a good opportunity to get one which is better, as well.
They sound quite okay with bass though (although after a while they break)...

around here, hardly anyone bothers buying themselves a practice amp for their bass...instead they use their hi-fi systems (often with a subwoofer). It isn't too pretty, but it's plenty loud and gets the job done.
It won't make it any louder. Buy yourself a new amp if you can.
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