I recently bought a Roland Cube 30X and an Ibanez RG321 as my first amp and guitar. I really like both the guitar and the amp. My question is though, what settings should I use for what kind of music? What Im doing now is basically put the knobs on the guitar and amp somewhat random. I've got some thoughts about when to use "metal", "black panel", "classic stack" but it's the other settings im confused about.

When Im playing metal for example, what settings should I use on the bass, middle and treble? Should I use some delay, reverb, chorus etc? What gain should I use in different situations?

Of course I've tried every single setting like tremolo, flanger etc, and I know what they sound like, but I don't really know when to use what and how to use them. What I would like is some basic settings for different music styles, and some information about what the different knobs do. Like, what is Gain, Middle, Bass and Treble?

As a last question I would like to know what my knobs on my guitar are for and when to use what pickups on the guitar? I know one of the knobs is volume but what is the other one? And when should I use the different settings for my pickups? I have 5 different ways to put it in, just don't really know what the difference is.

I would be really glad if someone could take some time and answer these questions as I feel I would enjoy my amp and guitar a lot more if I could use them to at least 90% instead of just set everything random.

Thanks in advance!
Settings are up to you, A lot of heavier bands lower the mids and boost up bass/gain and keep treble near the middle. It's up to you, but if you want a certain sound, there is a settings thread sticked around here somewhere just search for it.

R-Fier = Heavy metal
Metal = Metal (Obvious)
Stack = Versitle, does best with Classic rock, rock, and heavy rock
Britcombo = Punk
Black Panel = Blues/jazz - heavier
Jc clean = Blues/jazz - lighter
Acoustic = Light Chord progressions/country/acoustic songs

Gain = Distortion used in rock and metal. Gives heavier sounds
Bass = Just like a bass knob on the radio, it gives a more full deep sound
Tone = Gives it a good sound, I wouldn't drop this passed 1 o' clock.

Knob 1 on guitar = Volume
Knob 2 on guitar = Tone, probably should just not mess with this since it's fine on full.

Effects are used in a lot of intros, try it out. Eddie Van Halen uses Phaser and Flanger in his songs.

Eruption - EVH - Phaser
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera - Intro - Flanger

The switches are your guitar go from lead type sounds at the back, to more mellow sounds in the front

Back = Bridge pickup
Front = Neckpickup
Middle = Just a combo of both.

Other then that, you have a good setup for someone just starting.
Ok, thanks for the serious answer. That was indeed some good information.

Feel free to add or comment anything as you wish. I'm still open for suggestions.

Thanks again
Thank you so much for the info Ze_Metal, I've put this thread into my favourites!
No problem, if you have any other questions feel free to message me.