OK, I'm looking to get and amp this week, and I'll probably have about $150 to spend, give or take a few. So I need to know what kind of Amp to get. I've seen some Vox ones that look like they may be good. I've also tried a Roland Cube 20x and that played well too. I'm also taking the Marshall MG15FX into considerartion. My other option would be to get a less feature driven amp for around $100 and then get a good distortion pedal to use with it. What do you guys think?

P.S. I'm not getting a Spider. I tried it when I got my guitar and I didn't like it, so don't go suggesting that.
stretch your budget a bit and get a used epiphone valve junior combo and a cheap overdrive pedal such as the bad monkey...thats what i would do
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Get a good multi-effect unit and play your guitar through that with quality headphones or stereos. A $150 amp isn't gonna do you any good.
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The Roland or Vox would be good, although you'd be better saving for the Cube 30 (more amp models + effects). The Marshall ain't very great tbh.

If you don't wan't high-gain tones then what Otsugua siad would be good too.
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In my opinion the marshal is a waste of your time, while the Vox's are pretty good, but I think most people will suggest the Cube.

If you can find one though, I'd suggest trying a Kustom 12 Gauge. It's got less features than the Cube, but I find it's got seriously awesome tone for a cheap SS amp. It just seems warmer and smoother than the Cube and the Vox ones I've tried.
doesnt this question get asked like 100 times a day?
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