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Okay so ever since the beginning of this school year, my algebra teacher has been a complete bitch to all of us. She screams at people for the smallest things and doesnt allow any talking in her class. Here's an example of what shes like. We were doing a little thing where were divided up into teams. Each team got a marker and a board and took turns answering questions. One kid forgot to put the cap back on the marker after finnishing a problem. She literally SCREAMED at the top of her lungs. " What do you think your doing, the marker will dry up!" There is SERIOUSLY something wrong with her. Well anyway lately I've decided not to show any sign of fear when she screams at me. So anyway we had a test yesterday on exponents, and got the results today. So i go over my answers and found one that she marked wrong. I forget the question but the answer that I had written was - 8xy
So anyway, she has a note written next to it saying "not raised"
So i look at the problem and i am POSITIVE I have the answer. So when she gets to this problem while going over them on the board, I find that I WAS right. After questioning her as to why she marked it wrong, she screamed "Do NOT interrupt my class, John!" So I was like "okay whatever", planning on showing it to her after class.Anyway, after were done going over the problems she says to hand the papers up and looks at mine when I do. So she says "The answer is 8xy over 3, not 8x to the y power over 3." Well let me tell you now, I had it CLEARLY written, as in there is NO possibal way anyone could get it mixed up with 8x to the y power. After telling her thats not what it says and I have no idea how she interpreted it as that, she starts screaming at me as usual. In the end I just said "okay, whatever" before my anger drove me to saying anything that would get me in more trouble. So anyway I'm now more pissed off at this teacher then EVER before. And I'm not going to sit down quietly with me 94, when there is no reason that I should not have gotten a 96. So what do you guys suggest I do?? Set up a meeting with her and my parents? And btw, I stared at the problem for a good 5 minutes and I clearly have 8xy written about 3 times in each step, so I ABSOLUTELY know I'm right. I hate to bring my parents into this, but I know I won't get it any other way. I'm starting to hate school a WHOLE ****ing lot.
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If its worth making a fuss over(and thats your decision)I would say either set up a meeting with your parents and the teacher, but if she isn't cooperative then go to the pricipal maybe. But don't try this alone. The teacher, and maybe the principal, will think you're just some punk who wants a better grade, not a kid that deserves it so your parents will help.
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Maybe shes just stressed because your all acting like morons?

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complain to the head of the department or something, its really funny because when the teacher finds out that u complained they start to either be really nice to you or hate you even more, either way, its a change
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I'm not bitching about a bad grade, I'm pissed because there is NO reason for her to have marked the problem as wrong. I seriously wouldn't believe that ANY other teacher would do something like this. I mean I didn't even really expect her to keep at it after I showed her the answer and how obviously it was right...
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just work through it
There is more than one thing i have to say...
Speak to the administration about her anger problem. School's a place of employment you're the consumer and she's the one that's supposed to be helping you. If you feel she's doing a bad job then talk to someone higher up about her behavior...principal, superintendent anyone...worst case sinario is nothing changes, just talking to someone will do more good than some useless adolesant rebelion, if that's what anyone in the class is thinking.
Is her name Mrs. King by any chance?
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just talk to your principal or councilor, or if you wan't someone who can verify a math question(since some principals and counselor aren't so good at math) ask another math teacher or if theres a head of math department teacher or sumin
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there should be a "The ONLY complaining about parents and teachers Thread"

That's not a bad idea....
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wow a 94, how terrible! (sarcasm) get over it, it would only effect your average by a tenth of a point when its all said and done.

by the way, does anyone know how to find the center point of a hyperbola because i have a pre-calc test tomorrow and don't know what i'm doing!
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^ She actually came from school in a neighboring town, and theres a rumor going around that she taught special ed, and go fired for freaking out on a mentally challenged kid. Not sure if it's true, but I DEFINATELY wouldn't doubt her to be capable of it at all.
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