I have just bought Headrush by Akai from the states. I don't know much about plugs and stuff, so I just bought an adaptor (the guy in the shop said that it worked for everything.) Anyway. I plugged it in and it said *phuff* and you can imagine the rest.

Can I fix it myself? I've got a soldering iron and plenty of time...

I feel like a freakin moron... Any help please??
sounds like that adapter doesnt work for anything, of course most are 9 or 18v , and mine for easy circuits are under 300 MaH. i'd be careful next time. probably friend a few resistors or something,.
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sry for little info..
The smoke and sound came from the plug (not the adaptor) It could be that only the plug went. I panicked when i posted :P. I tried with another plug, but I see now that it is a bit different. I'll try to buy a new plug tomorrow.
I hope that the pedal itself is ok if it didn't smoke.. ?
where do u live? american adaptors are the 110v 60Hz version, if u live overseas, u might need the 220v adaptor