Is it better to practice a few areas of technique (and learn/practice songs of course) for less time (less time on each area of study I mean, alternate picking, legato and stuff) everyday, rather than concentrate on one aspect of "guitaring" for a few hours every other day or two?

For example, one day I might do alternate picking by going through scales all over the neck and do chromatic things for synchronizing both hands, and use variations on these exercises that all will improve my picking, and maybe the next day I'll practice stuff out of a Metallica tab book I have (the "...And Justice For All" album) and consequently be downpicking alot and always use a metronome of course, then on the next day I might do some legato exercises similar to the examples in "Rock Discipline."
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It depends on preference, but when you are learning anything, music or otherwise, it's probably best to do a little of each each day. Now an occasional day spent focusing on one technique can lead to occasional breakthroughs, but overall you're going to see faster progress, and you'll get less bored if you work on everything a little each day.