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250 87%
16 6%
E isn't ****ing metal enough for me!
20 7%
Voters: 286.
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... that is the question.

How many of you kiddies regularly use standard tuning?

Even though people are tuning lower-and-lower by the day, I doubt that E standard would be THE standard tuning if it wasn't so useful.
Well, I don't see how E standard is more useful than any other standard tuning, other than the fact that it's easier to play along with most popular songs.

But yes, I use it or drop D 95% of the time.
I use it most of the time. Altho having one guitar, im tuned to whole step down right now. For leaning Mastodon and some other heavy stuff, just for a bit of variety.
i stay in standard all the time

ill either go standard or down a half step and maybe drop d here and there

i think drop tuning a guitar real low gives a guitar a bad tone imo
I've got one guitar in E and one in drop D. I like drop D a lot, it gives you more freedom for riffing/songwriting imo.
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I'm in E standard almost all the time, rarely I play in drop D or Eb (mainly when I want to play something Hendrix-esque).

Still, Robert Fripp and some of his followers say that E standard is actually an awful tuning, because there are no musical reasons for it. So, they play in CGDAEG, which is very close to the tuning of the string instruments. I must try that one.
Quote by Roedy0309
i stay in standard all the time

ill either go standard or down a half step and maybe drop d here and there

i think drop tuning a guitar real low gives a guitar a bad tone imo

It only does if you use light- gauged strings. Tone isn't really affected at all if you use thicker ones.
I love D standard. It has all the prestige and reputation of a standard tuning, but is just that much more metal.
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I tend to use D standard all the time but have a guitar in standard as well.

E standard is no more or less useful than any other form of standard tuning because the range, intervals and chord shapes are all exactly the same.
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I have my guitar in e standard by default.
I do like using wicked tunings like C#sus4, DADGAD, Eb, D standard (sometimes sneaks in) drop Db and ordinary Drop D though.
Drop C and lower just makes me wanna **** on people. It just doesn't sound right.
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I change tunings all the time tbh, i get bored sticking to any 1 tuning for too long so i like to change it up a lot, standard, many drop tunings, open tunings etc

stops my playing from becoming stale
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E standard or D. I don't use drop C much but I plan on learning some Ramstein so I will be soon.
Quote by hrdcorelaxplaya
It only does if you use light- gauged strings. Tone isn't really affected at all if you use thicker ones.

I feel it does. The D-standard, in combination with the slightly thicker strings (D'Addario heavy bottom/light top), gives me an incredibly fa(s)t tone...

I've always played in standard, with a few drop-D exceptions.
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I like my guitar BAGDAD. Nice tone!
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I usually play in standard, but I use a capo most of the time because I have terrible range. I spend a lot of time in DADGAD too because I'm in a folk band and it's a bitchin' tuning.
My acoustic is in D Standard right now (.16 gauge strings FTW!). So frickin heavy sounding for an acoustic... I drown out the other acoustic guitarist (youth group) when we play.

Anyways, I usually keep my Electric in E because i'm working up to heavy strings. I'm at .10's now, and it's still in E. Once I get into the .12 or .13 range, i'll probably drop down to Eb.
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i have my gsa60 in standard e for playing metallica
ans my rg350ex is on drop d
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I keep the Explorer in E, and the Les Paul in D.
No real reason.
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i only use my explorer at the moment, even though I hate the humbuckers, I can live with it. It is usually in standard, but from time to time I tune down a half step for some Hendrix, SRV and all that jazz
I use E-Standard alot, but I like open e major, open d minor, and this other tuning I really dig that's like

And some other assorted open tunings.
I use C# standard on my 5-string bass most of the time, but I use standard E occasionally.
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I have my ESP MV-200 in Standard and my Warlock in C standard and my acoustic is Eb......Standard is more or less my main tuning...
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drop c is pretty frikin sweet but heavy gauge strings are a must otherwise , in the immortal words of herman li "the strings, they go flappy"
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I use E standard the majority of the time.

Tuning down is less metal, no matter what you drop A guys say.

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I keep both my acoustic and electric in Eb, but whenever I bring my guitar to school, I HAVE to go to standard or people won't shut up about it and eff with my tuners.
Most of the time in E standard... sometimes D standard, Drop C, or Drop B
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One guitar is standard e. another is standard d. The end
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I'm either in E, Drop D, C Standard, or DADGAD (the latter two exlusively on my hollowbody Ibanez), but I'm getting more into DADGAD now. My Strat rip-off is almost always in E cause I play surf on it.
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I'm in Open G most of the time....... which reminds me, is there an Open G group here on UG? If not I'll start one.

I play in E standard or Open E probably 30% of the time. (I know those are totally different but hey....)
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its not my primary tuning but i do indeed use it
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more then one guitar, more then one tuning, i always have one in E.
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I keep my LP in E, sometimes I'll drop the E string to D but generally it is always in E. My strat is in Eb, my acoustic is in Eb, and my SG is in D standard.
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