k names john, been playin 3 years now, got some sick riffs, can sing half decent and scream. i've got almost 5 or 6 full songs written that r just in need of a lil editing, other than that my influences r as follows...

metallica,megadeth,bullet for my valentine, trivium, machine head, pantera, unearth, all that remains, children of bodom, in flames, and system of a down.

if ur interested, plz pm me.
im very interested in looking to start something with u, im a 20 year old guitarist influenced by metallica, bullet for my valentine, all that remains etc.. been playing around 3 or 4 years
yo thats cool all the same **** I listen to and play...I live in whitby area ( near pickering/ajax)...just to bad im not in a band or else id love to invite ya in o well