I haven't been playing for too long and I was wondering what a good way to start is. A lot of my mates say to get my chords down. Ive practiced a lot of open chords but I have trouble switching between them. Thanks in advance. Also any guideline in what I should do is also helpful.
keep practicing your chords, and also try some fingertrainings, like playing scales. If your fingers get faster at the scales, it will have effect on your switching problem.
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yeah i remember that was a difficult thing at first that frustrated me. you just got keep practicing the strumming and switching chords and eventually it will come . also, for picking, practice scales
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1. learn and get good at the open chords
2. never touch books like hal leonard book 1
3. learn power chords and pentatonic scale (and eventually c major scale which includes the modes)
4.learn the blues or classical depending on whatever you like more (although its good to master both of those)
5. proceed to learn a few songs and some skills like sweep picking, tappping, etc
6. build a strong foundation in music theory (if you havent already) and learn perfect pitch (or relative pitch if you cant)

hope this is helpful

P.S. blues and classical because almost everything is based on those two genres in some way
Thanks much appreciated. One more dumb question I looked at the pentatonic scales and theres tons of keys and versions should I learn all of them or am I look at the wrong thing...
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learn it in A minor at the 5th position, its the most commonly used one

if you move a scale its root notes determine its key so learn the patterns
Learn the chords, do some basic strumming with them. Play along side of a metronome and every however many beats change chord. Then slowly you can speed up...
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