yeah i have a peavey valveking 100 halfstack and don't know how much to sell it for.
Any suggestions anyone?
just FYI, you would get a lot more replies in the Guitar Gear & Accesories, but this is fine too.
Anyways, I think those go new for $900 right? Anyways, if it's in good condition, you could probably get at least $700 for it. If there's scratches/tears/scuffs, maybe $500? If it's really bad, $300-400.
Quote by metallicaboy27
Id say about 1100$

If I'm not mistaken, that's a lot more than a new one would cost.
yeah i have it posted for 700 on craigslist
you know anyone who would be interested in buying at all?
i'll trade you my 2x10 crate TD-50C tube hybrid amp...it was worth someone around $600 new i think and about $200-$250 cash for your halfstack?
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nah, im looking to sell the halfstck for around 600
let me know if your still interested
im desperatly trying to buy a plexi
do you still have this.........please tell me you do... i can buy it the end of next month when i get my tax return back.....this is perfect for my price range and its exactly what ive been looking for.....