I got a Mako guitar from the Hammerhead series and I'm fixing the beauty up. I'm first going to get some pickups that will sound nice. I play a variety of styles but normally play Metal and such. I was thinking of getting Seymour Duncan Distortion in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan HotRail in the neck. There is also a possibility of my getting DiMarzio or EMG brands as well. Suggestions?
EMG would suit metal indefinitely. 81/60 combo is the best if you like playing some clean tones.

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If you're from the UK, look into IronGear pickups.

If you're from the US, get a pair of GFS pickups.

They cost significantly less than EMGs, and you won't regret it. Also, I'm guessing that your Tele is made of pretty light wood, which EMGs would sound too thin with. I'm an EMG user myself, but I wouldn't put them in anything lighter than mahogany, or alder at a push.
Wow! I bought that very same exact guitar in 86.It is a perfect match in appearence. I had the frets filed down as far as possible.The neck is fast as lightning.Then I bought a 84 EMG for the bridge and it screams. I never had any reason for a stomp box to pull off Metallica, Dokken, Satch.I have always had tuning problems with it after every 3 songs. The guitar is built like a tank. My wife through it at me as I was leaving the house.Not to exaggerate but it went about 10ft. The only damage was the neck needed to be adjusted. Its going to get new Grovers and add a LSR roller nut then a EMG for the neck. I hope to have successfully built Frankenstein. All things aside the EMG smokes with it.
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