i know this may sound like a cheap shortcut, but after seein that 21 page explanation on THE BASICS of THEORY, u can believe i was like screw that,

but couldn't i just learn the scales, and maybe some modes too and skip the theory, i mean do i really need to read a book, when i can just practice and learn from trial and error
lol i want to start learning theory
it just makes things easier, like you can, using theory, figure out which notes go with what chords and stuff.

its pretty sweet

but w.e, for like 3 years UG has taught me all i need to know
just give me a fender and let me rip
theory can be a pretty broad term. i mean generally no, but it will not hurt you whatsoever
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slash claims to know next to zero theory, and he's really good. i like to know what's going on in the music, so i study theory a decent amount
its not exactly necesary, but IMO, it helps a lot
id recomend having a teacher help.
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generally accepted yes. if someone goes 'awwww make up something ****ing rad in aeolian'
that's when you need it, and also if you want to make the writing process a hell of a lot easier. and you can't improvise very effectively without it.

so yeah, it's good for you.
the reason i ask is .....

great players like jimi hendrix, dave mustaine,dimebag darell (who pretty much randomized his notes), slash, and alot of others who im too lazy to name right now, all started playing just by listening to their idols, or just started screwing around on a guitar and none of them had any of the high tech advancements we have today whatsoever to help them along

yet most beginning players today (myself included) all look toward the internet and still arent as good as them.................

and most of them either didn't know any theory or knew very and i mean very little, and yet they were able to come up with THE greatest songs in history .............

so thats why im asking that

hope noone takes offense to this
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i started learnig how to make chords from the lead note end now i can make any chord in any instrument!!!

major chords:

*2*3/2*, for example the C chord has the notes: C, E and G//

minor chords:

*3/2*2* // and and Cm chord has the notes: C, Eb and G

* are notes