Nice man, I really thought it was cool. To me it almost sounds like there should be some guitar solos and fills in the song. More experimental, ala Buckethead. Actually, this reminds me a great deal of some of Buckethead's more electric songs.

The only thing I can think of crit wise was it gets a wee bit repetitive, but if you through some more guitar in there, I think you'd have a mighty fine song.

Also, the audio quality's pretty good, what kind of stuff are you using to record?

(BTW I don't have anything posting in my profile so don't try and crit me )
Someone a fan of Skinny Puppy?

There's some definite cues off of some of their old stuff, like Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse.

I liked it. It sounds only half done, though. Unless you are going for the old-school minimalist style of industrial. If you added some more guitars, and possibly some more synths... even just quiet stuff in the background that accentuates the main riffs, it would sound a whole lot cooler.

Good job so far, though!

I actually used to want to make music like this but for some reason skewed off towards a more straight metal sound... without so much of the electronics. However, I still lace some in there.

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Thanks for the criticism, very appreciated. To record the song I used Cool Edit Pro 2.0, and just plugged the instruments directly into the sound card..... oh, and I used Drumsite for the percussion.
Cut the song in half and it might sound better. I got bored a quarter way through the song because it was just the same pounding bass and drum beat. The electronic sounds didn't really change much either. Once the guitars came in it was better, but still a bit lacking. With vocals I'm sure it would improve, it just couldn't hold my attention. Sound quality was great though.

If you'd crit mine I'd really appreciate it.
Sounds pretty good bro, I agree with most of what has been said here. Are you planning to add vocals? If so that could fill out the sound and make it not as repetitive, if not, then I would definitely try to add some more guitar fills or drum pattern variations as others stated.

All depends on the sound you are going for though...Off to a great start though!

eh since it's C4C, you can crit the song on my profile if you wish... though it's literally 1/3rd of the song and that part is only half-finished so yea....
very, very cool! Loving it, very NIN etc. Great use of the synth. i dont think it needs guitar solo's at all. It needs some vocals thats wat it needs. Vocals, spoken word stuff for the verses and some shouty stuff for the chorus, but this is very very good. Also i think you need less of a clean distortion, make it more mucky, really overdrive it too the max, its too clean cut atm.

Crit mine?

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