You can forget I was a part of you
But I don't have to forget
You've given me nothing to lose

Do you remember
When the ones who love you meant something to you at all?
I never thought you'd tear me apart
I try to explain
But now I see where your priorities lie
You will never cross the line if you can't take the first step

Why do you even try
You can't hide what you expose
It's too late for you
This is the last time you'll break me

You want to be exalted
Placed on a pedestal
For the world to see
But glory does not come to those who rest

This is not your place
You've fallen into ignorance
I will not let you bring me down
[This is our time]
There is no war to win
At this rate you are going nowhere
[This is our time]
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Seinfeld: The Video Game

It'd be a game about nothing. But it would be fantastic, better than the Sims by far because there would be more jews.